ECI Mum Dad & Kids starts collecting statements of support

On 15 October the Citizens’ Committee Mum, Dad & Kids submitted its proposal for a new European Citizens Initiative (ECI) to the European Commission. The proposal was deemed compatible with EU Law, and on 11 December the European Commission officially registered the new ECI.

The organizers have now one year to collect more than 1 million statements of support from EU citizens. The collection of signatures will begin on 4 April.

Article 9 of the EU Fundamental Rights Charter protects Member States against interferences by the EU in the domain of marriage and family law. However, in the course of time, the EU has adopted an increasing number of legal acts that concern marriage and family on the one hand. On the other hand differences between Member States' national legislation on marriage and family keep widening.

This is why the Mum, Dad & Kids ECI requests the EU to adopt a unique definition of marriage and family to be applied horizontally within all EU legal acts. The proposed definition of marriage as a permanent union between a man and a woman corresponds to the common ground of the laws of all EU Member States. The proposed definition of family is based on marriage and/or descent.

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