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Print out the sheet and help us in collecting signatures!

This ECI can be signed not only on-line, but we also collect signatures on paper (e.g. from people who have no internet access, or on the street, or at major gatherings). If you want to help us in this, download the appropriate paper form, print it, and invite your family and friends to sign it.

Take a copy to family gatherings, clubs, trips or meeting with friends and spend a few minutes to sign the initiative to protect marriage and family. Give the chance to others to be part of this European venture!

When the form is filled and signed by the signatories, please send it by post to the address indicated on the form.

Please note that in some countries signatories must indicate the number of an ID (such as a passport, an ID-card, etc.) It is best to ask them beforehand to bring it along.

If you collect signatures in a larger community you might wish to consider the following:

  • Explain the ECI in a few sentences, for example: “A European Citizens' Initiative is seeking your support to protect marriage and family in Europe. Today the laws in some countries no longer protect the union of a man and a woman which guarantees that a child has a mother and a father. Let's take action to prevent the EU from imposing such re-definitions on all Member States. Marriage is between a man and a woman, and family is based on marriage and/or parenthood. Please support the Mum, Dad & Kids European initiative with your signature now at the signature collection point (you will need your ID number for signing). The future of our children and the next generations are in your hands.”
  • prepare the venue: have enough tables, pens, paper forms.
  • Focus on helping people to sign:  At the signing event they might need your help to fill the forms properly.


As the rules for the signature collection sheets differ from country to country, make sure that you select the correct sheet for your country in the scroll-down-menu below:

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